Robbie Dean Centre is a Beacon of Hope

"The Robbie Dean Centre
is a beacon of hope"

“The vision of the Centre is to be a beacon of hope for families and individuals in distress and crisis that sheds light on their journey to wellness. Working with existing agencies, the Centre has developed and implemented all of its programs and services to meet the needs of the communities by working towards closing some of the system gaps.”

In order to understand why The Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre was created, it is important to take a minute to look at three things: The physical and mental health of Renfrew County, the story of a Renfrew County youth and an organization who wants to make Renfrew County a better and healthier place to live.

Renfrew County has some of the worst health statistics in the province with above-average rates of obesity, smoking, alcoholism and chronic disease. (Stats Canada – Renfrew County) These factors are directly associated with the mental health of our County which is effected by an under-sourced system and stigma. This means that people today are still ashamed to seek mental health support and if they do, it is not always easily accessible. Read More.

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