Our Services

Short Term Counselling Program

An 8 session program that is designed to empower you by helping you set realistic goals and providing you with the tools needed to achieve these goals. The counsellor will work with you by using your experiences, strengths and abilities to identify your personal goals.  By using a combination of various clinical approaches, the Counsellor will help you design and implement a plan to work towards achieving these goals through guidance, support and encouragement. This program is available to clients 17 years of age and older. Clients can participate in person, on the telephone, or over zoom. To access the Short-Term Counselling, clients can self-refer by calling the Centre directly or emailing us at info@rdfcc.ca

Pet Loss Support Group

The Robbie Dean Counselling Centre and the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society are pleased to offer a monthly virtual group intended to provide an opportunity to share the thoughts and feelings encountered while grieving the loss of a pet.

The sessions are provided free of charge on the second Tuesday of each month at 6PM. The format is similar to other on-line workshops but the topics for discussion will be chosen for each session from the suggestions offered by the participants. Each session is scheduled to last for 1 ½ hours so there should be plenty of time to share.

Participants are asked to register before the Friday prior to the group is scheduled to run. 

A word of caution; these groups may not be suitable for younger children as some people may chose to express their emotions with great passion and a colourful vocabulary. Approaching grief support with children requires special boundaries and approaches that need to be respected so as not to harm our precious little loved ones. It is recommended that participants be 16 years of age or older.

To attend, contact the Centre at 613-629-4243 or email info@rdfcc.ca

Skill Building for Survivors 

Skill Building for Survivors is an introduction group to deeper trauma therapy. This group is designed to offer education about trauma responses, address the symptoms you’re experiencing and implementing coping strategies to make life feel more manageable. This group is offered over 8 consecutive weeks and is available in person or over zoom! This group is offered multiple times per year and offered to men and women at different times. If you are interested email info@rdfcc.ca or call 613-629-4243 to complete an intake for our next group session

Trauma Recovery 201: Meditative Writing Group 

Not currently accepting new members

Meditative Writing is a creative endeavor. In writing mindfully, we turn out attention to our thoughts with an inquiring mind. Our intention is to create outer change through compassion for self and others.



Grief and Loss Support Group 

A ten session bi-weekly group which focuses on supporting those struggling with grief.  This is a closed experiential support group run twice a year.

Anger Management Groups (Mandated and Non-Mandated Options)

Using the National Anger Management Association training, we offer groups for both men and women ongoing throughout the year. Anger Management is accessible for individuals who are focusing on personal improvement, or who are mandated by the courts.

The group runs over 8 consecutive weeks and can be accessed in person or virtually. We explore what anger is, why we get so angry and discuss tools and skills to gain a deeper awareness of the present moment, while learning how to more effectively communicate and resolve conflicts before our anger gets the best of us.

To complete an intake, please contact info@rdfcc.ca or call 613-629-4243  and be added to the waitlist for the next session of this group

 Anxiety and Depression Group Mental Health Support Group

This is a mental health support group offering education and skills for individuals living with anxiety and/or depression. We offer mixed in person and virtual groups which are held for 6 consecutive weeks, multiple times a year. We focus on learning about our emotional response systems, exploring how we can increase our awareness to the events that “trigger” a response, stress and the role it plays in our lives, the role of medications in treatment, relaxation techniques to help quiet the mind and spirit, and developing an individualized plan to aid in coping. It is strongly recommended for anyone struggling with anxiety or depression to participate in this program before making the choice to work one-on-one with a counsellor. Clients must complete an intake to be added to the waitlist for the group. To book an intake, please email info@rdfcc.ca or call 613-629-4243

Your Legacy is your Treasure to Discover 

for Seniors ages 50+

This group offers a place for connection to examine the unique contributions and experiences that come with living 50+ years. By looking at hardships or struggles, members will gain an understanding of their strengths and  unique contributions they have made to their family, friends or community at large. 

The next group starts February 23rd and will be offered in a hybrid (online and in person) format. 

For more information or to complete an intake, call 613-629-4243 or email info@rdfcc.ca

Community Training and Presentations

Working with various employers, groups and communities, our team has provided opportunities to educate on various mental health related topics such as suicide prevention, self-care and explaining what can be expected at the Robbie Dean Centre.  It is our pleasure to share our knowledge and to help make places where people work, live and play safe and stigma free.

To request a workshop or presentation, please email info@rdfcc.ca


(Research, Educate, Assist, Connect and Hope)

When someone is struggling with their mental health, it often has impact on other areas of their lives.  This program is designed to help you find and connect with other resources that may be required to support you in implementing your plan towards becoming well.

Please contact intake to inquire about connecting with services within Renfrew County  that can assist you on your journey to mental wellness.