Your Awesome Robbie Dean Centre Team

Working with existing agencies, our team has developed and implemented all of its programs and services to meet the needs of the communities by working towards closing some of the system gaps.

Monique Yashinskie

Monique brings to the team many years of administrative experience. As Robbie’s mother, she has gained a keen understanding of what it feels like to support someone who is struggling with their mental well-being.

Tom Sidney

Tom has an extensive background in working with individuals and families in crisis. He specializes in suicide prevention and post-suicide de-briefing. He is an exceptional public speaker who provides engaging community training sessions on a variety of mental health-related topics.

Lynn Murphy

Lynn brings to the team years of experience working with men and women who have experienced sexual trauma. She uses a solution-focused approach to provide individuals with the tools needed to re-describe themselves and overcome the long-term effects of sexual trauma.

Clay McAlleer

Clay has an extensive background working with individuals, families, and groups adapting to a new life after suffering a loss.  His ministerial and social education make him an excellent counselor to those who are struggling with their journey to their “new normal”.

Joanne Haskin

Joanne brings an extensive background of experience working with individuals, families and groups experiencing challenges with their mental health, trauma, addictions, and concurrent disorders. She is passionate about using traditional approaches to healing with those who suffer from intergenerational trauma, residential school, 60’s scoop, loss of identity and reconnecting to their Indigenous culture.

Jessica Videto

Jessica assists the team by ensuring that the Centre has updated and accurate information on the many community resources available to those living in Renfrew County. She helps clients connect with other organizations or services that will provide them with the best care possible.

Kelsey Severin

Kelsey has significant experience facilitating psychoeducational and therapy groups and providing individual counselling. Much of her clinical experience is working with those who are experiencing homelessness, addiction, mental illness and trauma. Kelsey has presented info sessions of these topics to increase the community knowledge, in hopes of breaking down some of the stigma. She works from a trauma-informed framework, while using both client-centered and strength-based approaches to healing.