Health Statistics for Renfrew County

The Health Statistics Tell a Heartbreaking Story

Health Statistics in our county tell a story of over worked health care workers and despite best efforts, an under-served public.

Renfrew County with a population of 107,000 is the largest County in the Province of Ontario. Aside from being the largest by land mass, we also have one of the highest numbers in low-income households (under $25,000) in Ontario and some of the worst health statistics in the entire country.

Some of the barriers to accessing mental healthcare are a shortage of locally available mental health specialist. For many families, accessing the proper mental healthcare means taking time off work and expensive travel to larger centers.

For most people, this is simply not an option.

Our free, walk-in crisis clinics are located in various communities throughout the county to ensure everyone has access to services when and where they need it.

Our Health Care System is Strained

The seems to be a lack of mental health crisis response resources in Renfrew County for adults.

According to the PRH health statistics, most emergency room mental health visits are made by adults.

The Robbie Dean Centre is the only organization, east of Chalk River that offers free mental health support to adults that do not have a diagnosed mental health condition.

As of the end of 2016 over 500 adults have visited our Suicide prevention and crisis clinics.

Who Do We Serve

  • 80% of our clients have low to no income
  • 30% of our clients are active military or veterans
  • 70% are single parent families
  • 85% of our clients have suicidal thoughts
  • 60% self-injure
  • 45% admit being bullied
  • 100% of our services are only made possible through community support

So what are our results?

  • 94% of clients assessed as high risk were kept out of the emergency department
  • 90% of clients returned to complete the action plan or follow through with a referral
  • 95% of clients express an increase in feeling safe and a connection with the counsellors

The Facts

  • If not attending a crisis walk-in clinic, to see a counselor in Renfrew County wait times can be up to 6 months.
  • Two-thirds of 18-24-year-olds do not have access to mental health counseling benefits if they are not a student.
  • Since our inception, The Robbie Dean Centre has stabilized 146 people who were assessed as being a high risk for suicide. Thankfully, all of these community members are still alive today.
  • Estimated costs to raise 1 child to age 18 is over $250,000 – Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre operates on far less.
  • A $100 donation allows a Robbie Dean Centre counselor to escalate and stabilize a crisis and change a life.
  • For every person helped, an average of 50 community members are also impacted.
  • We are here for everyone in our community, Our youngest Client is 8 and our oldest is 73

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