Sexual Abuse Recovery

Sexual Abuse Recovery Poster
March 31, 2018 at 7:33 pm

Sexual Abuse Recovery

A 12- week Narrative Therapy Program For those who experienced childhood sexual abuse and/or sexual assault

  • Narrative Therapy focuses on the ongoing effects of sexual abuse instead of the traumatic events, on the context rather than the cause or individual diagnosis.
  • The focus of Narrative Therapy is not the resolution of the traumatic event – the event cannot be resolved/undone. Rather, it is on developing self-esteem and a self¬≠perception of competence and empowerment.
  • We will explore the meaning of the experience, both the personal and the political. We will take a solution-focused approach to the assault on self-perception which will lead to a re-description of ourselves, one that is free of stigmatizing labels; we will enhance our internal resources and overcome the ongoing effects of sexual abuse.

Robbie Dean Centre
315 Pembroke Street East
(613) 629-4243 Ext 2
Pre-registration required Facilitator: Lynn Murphy MSW/RSW



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